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  • Christmas Village Tole Painting
    All painting patterns have detailed step-by-step instructions. You can download one from my "Free Patterns" page to familiarize yourself with the quality of the instructions!

New “Illuminated Bee” Painting Pattern

This is a flexible pattern meant to be used on a variety of surfaces. My sample was painted on a 10″ square, but the pattern includes 3 sizes of line work to make it easier for you to adapt it to your surface. Click on a thumbnail for more info.

Beehive Painting Pattern
Tole Painting Honey Bee

North Star Village Series

Check out my North Star Villages category page to see all of this series with the wood kits for these patterns. Each shop has 2 different size wood kits and an optional ornament set you can make if you like. I will be adding more to this series over time.

New Songbird Ornament Painting Series

I’m having a lot of fun making these new ornaments and plan to make many more!

More New Painting Patterns & Surfaces

While the scalloped round ornaments below aren’t new, Barb Bunsey is teaching a class at Artful Webinars in August which uses them. You can click on the picture for more info about the surface. Amy Mogish is also teaching an Artful Webinar in October using the Flat Version Prudence surface below.