Bronze Metal Sea Life Charms Set 1 (5 pcs)

1/2″ to 3/4″ diameter

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This beautiful set of sparkly bronze-toned metal charms is the perfect accent for many of your craft projects. The seamless designs are beautifully detailed and made of high quality metal. Use them on plaques, ornaments or any place that you want to add a little extra texture and interest. Their affordable price allows you to experiment and have loads of fun experimenting with them. I am sure you will find many uses for these lovely add-ons. Four of the charms are double-sided. The two smallest ones have a plain back to them.

We have several other nautical charm sets and any of them would great with many of our patterns such as my scrimshaw whales, or any of my sea life / chalky beach patterns.

In the links below you can find any patterns or surfaces that we used these charms on.

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