Shown w/ Lynne Andrews Pattern

Large Timepiece Wood Kit

15.75″ diameter not including handle


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What is included:
1 – 15.75″ layered circle with 2 inner sections cut from 1/4″ MDF
1 – handle cut from 1/4″ MDF
1 – fob cut from 1/4″ MDF
1 – Roman numerals pattern line work

Hand-cut from 1/4″ MDF. Two recess sections are cut on a bevel and each set back approximately 1/8″. Sanded smooth and ready to paint with little preparation. The outer circle measures approximately 15.75″ diameter, the middle ring is about 12.5″ diameter and the innermost circle is about 8.75″ diameter. Handle and fob are also included but the metal chain is not included.

You can paint this piece as shown in the sample photo or using any other other pattern of your choosing. I included line work for a set of Roman numerals so you could make an old-fashioned timepiece out of any pattern you like. (The sample shown here is painted with Lynne Andrews’ “Christmas Time” pattern: – see link for ordering the pattern from Lynne.)

You can see a video demonstration of how easy it is to glue these ornaments and plaques on my YouTube channel here: Gluing Bevel-Cut Ornaments and Plaques

I adapted Lynne Andrews’ “Christmas Time” pattern to fit for the sample photo. Lynne Andrews’ patterns can be found on her website here:

"Wood kits" do not include a pattern. Any patterns that we have available intended for this surface are linked in the "Related products" below. For some products, you can also see discounted "COMBO" package deals. Combos include the pattern, wood kit, and sometimes also charm kits for a discounted price.

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