For Marlene Fudge Pattern

“Light The Way” Santa Wood Kit

Approx. 14″ tall

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Please note that a lamp is not included with this wood kit! Since this kit uses a dowel to stand the Santa on the base, you can choose to not glue it and then the stand can be removed for easier storage.

This wood kit includes:
1 – Base piece hand-cut from 5/8″ MDF with dowel hole
1 – Main santa piece hand-cut from 1/2″ MDF with dowel hole
1 – 1/2″ MDF block with a drill hole that you can mount to the back for holding a decorative branch.
1 – short dowel for mounting to the stand

All pieces are ready to paint with little preparation.

Marlene’s pattern is available at The Decorative Painting Store at:

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