Magical Owl Painting Pattern

About 10″ square

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I originally created this design using gouache in my black sketchbook. I wasn’t doing the painting with the intention of making a pattern, but just goofing off and trying something new. I loved how the gouache covered the black paper when applied in layers yet allowed the dark background to enhance the shading and give a really dramatic effect. When I showed the finished painting on social media, many of you asked me if I would make an acrylic pattern of the design. So here we are!

The way I felt it best to achieve the dramatic look I had on the original piece was to first undercoat the design using light paint – somewhat like a “grisaille’ technique used in oil painting. By doing this, it was very easy to wash on the tones and colors and they showed up bright and true. The contrast makes for a truly stunning painting.

The 21-page pattern includes full-color step-by-step photos, clear line drawings and instructions to guide you. This is well suited for beginners and seasoned painters alike. I also include color swatches so you can substitute paints that you have on hand if you are missing any of my suggested colors.

(This pattern uses DecoArt Americana paints and mediums.)

You can paint this pattern on any flat surface you have on hand. I used a 10″ square for mine. I included a couple surfaces that would work in the links below. If you choose the tavern sign, you will need to do your own thing on the top and bottom sections, and if you choose the pumpkin, you may need to reduce the pattern a little.
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