Medium Plaque Stand Wood Kit

Base is 8.5″ wide


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Includes 2 cubes so you can switch plaques on the same stand. If you need more cubes, contact me and I can make more for you.

Base pieces are hand-cut from 1/4″ thick MDF. The base measure about 4.5″ X 8.5″ and the dowel is 6″ tall. To use the stand, you simply need to glue the wood block to the back of your project. This stand could be used with many of our plaques up to nearly 10″ tall if you wish. You can see the size comparison between our two stand sizes in the sample pics. The large stand available in the related products below.

You can see a video demonstration of how easy it is to glue these ornaments and plaques on my YouTube channel here: Gluing Bevel-Cut Ornaments and Plaques

"Wood kits" do not include a pattern. Any patterns that we have available intended for this surface are linked in the "Related products" below. For some products, you can also see discounted "COMBO" package deals. Combos include the pattern, wood kit, and sometimes also charm kits for a discounted price.

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