For Sheila, Sharon or Barbara Pattern

Mittens Bevel-Cut Ornaments Wood Kit

About 4″ x 5″


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This wood kit includes three, two-piece, hand-cut ornaments from 1/4″ MDF sanded and ready for painting. The center oval is cut on a slight bevel, allowing it to be pushed slightly back and giving a nice framing effect. The back of the ornament has the inner oval standing slightly proud of the frame. After painting, the center is glued into place. Full instructions on doing this are included.

You can see a video demonstration of how easy it is to glue these ornaments and plaques on my YouTube channel here: Gluing Bevel-Cut Ornaments and Plaques

PLEASE – If you have a preferance, indicate which direction you would like your Mittens to face in the “comments” section on the bottom of the order form. You may choose any combination. (All thumbs left, all thumbs right, two thumbs left, two thumbs right)

Barbara Bunsey’s patterns shown in the extra photos can be found on her website here: Shannon Sharon’s pattern can be found here:

"Wood kits" do not include a pattern. Any patterns that we have available intended for this surface are linked in the "Related products" below. For some products, you can also see discounted "COMBO" package deals. Combos include the pattern, wood kit, and sometimes also charm kits for a discounted price.

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