For Anita Campanella pattern

Nutcrackers Ornament Wood Kit (Sold Individually)

About 6″ tall each

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Each nutcracker in this series has a different shape. You can see them all in the extra thumbnail photos. Make your choice in the dropdown box above before adding product to your cart. If you want different ones, you can just come back to this product and repeat for the next shape you want.

This product is for 1 large ornament. Some also include a separate accessory pieces (for the sword, gun, drum, etc).

All pieces are hand-cut from high quality 1/8″ thick Baltic birch plywood. Each ornament comes with the small overlay piece(s) as indicated on the pattern (i.e., the drummer comes with the drum and hands with drum sticks) that will be glued on as a separate layer, making each ornament a bit more dimensional. They are fine-sanded and ready for paint.

Anita Campanella’s nutcracker patterns can be found at Decorative Painting Store here: . We also have the Candy Nutcracker pattern available for free download on our Free Pattern page

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