Peace Reindeer Watercolor Painting Pattern

About 4″ x 7″

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This pattern was originally created for the online painting community called “Toletown”. I am a member of their design team, and I wanted to not only introduce a new way for acrylic painters to paint, but also show how easy it is to use a limited palette of colors to mix together to make a beautiful design.

The colors that I used are common in the painting community and they don’t have to be the exact colors or brand of paint that I mentioned. I created a swatch sheet for you so you can try with any brand you prefer – even dollar store paints. However, as you get better, I believe you will want to use ‘better’ paint, and I highly recommend the Mission Gold brand by Mijello. The paint is of the highest quality and the colors are rated highly for light fastness and longevity.

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