“Purr-Maids” Ornaments Painting Pattern

5″ X 6″

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I have been considering creating a series such as this for quite a while now, as I have a great love of kitties of all kind and I would like to paint them in all kinds of costumes to represent many seasons and circumstances. I hope to make each one fun and charming and I hope that it inspires your own imagination when painting them.

This first little group of kitties is what I am calling ‘Purr-maids’. They live happily under the sea and spend their days playing with their fish friends and hunting treasures like shells and pretty rocks. They are a gentle and kind group of kitties, and they live in harmony and love to spread joy throughout their undersea world. I hope by painting them, they all bring joy to you as well.

Feel free to use them in wreaths, on ‘all-season trees’, or on any surface you wish. You can mix and match elements to make your own ‘under sea’ setting for them to enjoy as pictures, ornaments or gifts.

(This pattern uses DecoArt Americana paints)

We have a wood surface for use with this pattern in the related product links below.
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