Seahorse Watercolor Painting Pattern

Seahorse is about 4.5″ tall

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This 19-page pattern includes full step-by-step instructions and color photographs.

I have always been intimidated by watercolors. When I read about the beautiful Majello watercolors and began seeing all the lovely projects that people were creating with them, it really piqued my interest. The colors were so bright and vibrant! I purchased a set of them and began experimenting. While being ‘raised’ on pre-mixed acrylic paints, I began to like the idea of being able to tone my own colors so that they would naturally compliment each other and look beautiful together. Unlike acrylic paint, the watercolors would reconstitute whenever I wished, so I could mix a color and come back to it later and be able to continue using it as if I have never left.

I also learned that by using just a small amount of water and a smaller brush, I was able to control the paint and ‘tame’ it – just like my acrylics! It wasn’t that difficult after all and the more that I experiment, the more comfortable I became with this medium and liked it. While it is different from acrylic paints, I think it is a fun medium to paint with that offers beautiful results as well. I hope you decide to give it a try!

(This pattern uses Mission watercoler paints but includes a color palette for using any watercolor paints.)

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