Springtime Iris Banner Painting Pattern

Topper is 4″ X 12″ and cloth is 21″ X 11″ as shown

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This fun and pretty flower design can be created as a banner, as shown here, or painted on any surface such as a tray, plate or canvas. The simple iris is easy to make, yet elegant and attractive. I used Roc-Lon fabric to make it into a lovely spring banner to hang on the front porch. Painting on Roc-Lon is a dream! I hope you try it out if you haven’t done so before.

I decided to make the topper say “Welcome” so that you can use it for different banners. I plan to offer more banner patterns and they will be very easy to swap out using Rare Earth magnets. I hope you enjoy painting this pretty project!

This includes painting pattern for the cloth and wood piece as well as cutting instructions. You can make your own wooden header for the project, or you may purchase one from us. Alternatively, you may thread a dowel rod through the top of the piece and tie a pretty ribbon to hang it that way. You can find the topper wood kit in the related product links below.

(This pattern uses DecoArt Americana paints and mediums.)

We have a the banner header and Roc-Lon fabric available in the links below.
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