North Star Village Pattern Series

Full Storefront Painting Patterns

These huge 30 to 40+ page patterns have detailed step-by-step instructions with often over 50 illustrations and to make the project a delight for painters of all skill levels!

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Storefront Wood Painting Surfaces

Each store has 2 different sized wood kit surfaces available. They are proportionally sized to each other. (ie. the small florist shop is sized proportionally to the small toy store and the barn is the largest.) These wood kits include the stands and overlay accessory pieces.

Large Wood Kits

Small Wood Kits

North Star Village Ornament Patterns & Surfaces

These optional extra ornaments can be used as a companion piece to your village. They are sized larger than the extra accessory pieces that are included in the shop wood kits. If you purchased the storefront painting pattern, you don’t need to also purchase the corresponding ornament pattern… Just let me know and I can give you the ornament pattern as a FREE BONUS PDF file!

Ornament Patterns

Ornament Surfaces

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