Snail Trailz Pattern Series

All of these painting patterns were designed to be flexible so you can use them on any surface you like. Each one comes with three sizes of line work to make it easier for you to get the size you need. If you want to use my surfaces, you can find them all the bottom of this page.

New “Romantic Trailz” Painting Patterns

“Holiday Trailz” Painting Patterns

“Haunted Trailz” Halloween Painting Patterns

(We also have “Rambles”, an Autumn-themed snail that is the separate from the set of 10.)

Ornament Painting Surfaces

I used the pumpkin ornaments below for my Haunted Trailz samples. I used 5 of each shape. The Holiday Trailz were done on the snow globes and I have optional small name tags if you would like to add them. “Rambles” the Autumn snail used the square beveled plaque, and the Romantic Trailz were done on the ruffled hearts.